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"Who's Carl?"

This article appeared several years ago
when the Anne's mother Joanie ran the business.

Joanie Arnold, proprietor of Carl's Deli in Hyde Park, has reached her 20th anniversary of owning and managing the charming local landmark.

Joanie -- as all her friends and customers call her -- has upgraded the store during her two-decade tenure to its present ambiance of a French sidewalk cafe. The menu board offers everything from ham-and-swiss on rye to a gourmet croissant sandwich featuring crab artichoke salad.

Part of the unique charm of Carl's is the mixture of its clientele -- from T-shirted landscapers and blue-jeaned carpenters to well-heeled professionals.

In the era of hostile takeovers and supermarket "super" stores, Joanie has found a thriving niche providing friendly service and gourmet foods at reasonable prices.

In her 20 years of business, Joanie has seen many of her customers literally grow up before her eyes. "I had little kids who could not see over the counter come back now and buy grown-up foods" she says.

Joanie acquired her store before the dawn of the women's lib movement and has quietly achieved success while operating the store under the title of the mysterious gentleman founder named Carl.

Ironically, Joanie has never met the gentleman for whom the store is named. She doesn't even know his last name. "I would love to meet Carl" she says.

Ashley Anne McManus
Sole Proprietor

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