Carl’s is a quaint little hot spot resembling the closest thing to a New York Deli. Enjoy Breakfast, lunch or dinner 7 days a week. Thanks for supporting your local delicatessen!

Open Daily 8 a.m.–10 p.m. & Sunday 11 a.m.–9 p.m.


"The Hottest Little Spot In The Area"

  The Carl's Deli logo & Carl's focus as a Deli came from
the nifty hand-drawn sign below that Anne's mother Joanie drew


Joanie Arnold, proprietor of Carl's Deli in Hyde Park for many years before handing the reins over to her daughter Anne, personally created this sign to announce that Carl's was "the hottest little spot in the area".

The drawing contains what would become the logo for the store window and this website. Anne even included it when she designed the cool shirt Joanie is wearing in this picture. (Yes, you can get one too. Just ask Anne!).

As the words in the sign reveal, Joanie pioneered the notion of Carl's as a delightful sidewalk cafe such as you might find in New York or Paris as well as being "...where good friends meet" !

Joanie's daughter Anne is very proud to continue building on the past success of her mother. Anne puts it this way: "I love continuing the family tradition my mom established at Carl's ... providing home-cooked food with a smile!"


Here's a Carl's Deli trivia question for you:
What are Carl's Deli's "official" colors"?

( Hunter Green & Fire Engine Red)


Ashley Anne McManus
Sole Proprietor

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